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Jasmeeta Dubey

Marketing professional

Jasmeeta is a new mom, who works as a marketing professional for an IT firm, and bakes on weekends for friends. Clearly sleep-deprived. Lives in Paris. For now. Plays pranks. Most of the time. Travels. When she get the calling.

The Hashtag That Shone The Light Of Humanity In Paris's Darkest Hour

On Friday, I woke up to a friend's call checking up on me and my family at 2am. I was instantly reminded of what my parents would say back in the day: "It is never good news when the phone rings in the middle of the night." As we scoured the internet for scraps of updates, thinking of the families whose lives would change forever, and looking for any way that we could help, the hashtag #PorteOuverte ("open door") popped up on our feeds.
19/11/2015 9:45 AM IST

No Palaces, No Plans And In The Middle Of Nowhere: A Honeymoon In Rajasthan

Once or twice, during what seemed-like-an-hour long journey, we would see a few people far away, mostly children whose voices were carried over to us by the desert wind. "Byeeeee....", they would say, and if we squinted hard, we could see their hands in the air, waving at us. While friendly goodbyes from strangers wouldn't usually bother us, their "byes" were beginning to sound like final farewells, especially since we had no clue where we were, and what we were doing.
08/11/2015 12:40 AM IST