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Jaibala Rao

Blogger, Freelance Writer & Columnist

Academically a microbiologist and professionally a Freelance Writer and Columnist; Jaibala's true passion lies in writing words and weaving rhymes.   She is a Web Columnist for popular magazines and websites, has been featured on India’s top bloggers’ lists twice in a row and her posts are regularly picked as top posts. Jaibala also conducts blogging and writing workshops that help other writers find their voice. She can be reached at
No, A Single Parent Isn’t Mom And Dad Rolled Into

No, A Single Parent Isn’t Mom And Dad Rolled Into On

When you see an advertisement that shows a son gifting his mother a mug that says “World's Best Dad” or a meme that says in effect that a single dad is as caring and loving as a mom, it immediately becomes aspirational. I won't lie -- three years back, all this is what I thought it meant to be a single parent. I wanted to be that mom who got that mug from her son.
24/08/2016 12:22 PM IST
Why I Am Happy That I Failed To Save My

Why I Am Happy That I Failed To Save My Marriage

I tried hard to please, change, accept and then salvage the situation. That my marriage was a situation that needed salvaging should have been my first reason to quit. But I kept egging myself on. Then slowly it dawned on me that I was losing this fight…
16/08/2016 1:55 PM IST
5 Types of Party Poopers That Haunt Every Apartment

5 Types of Party Poopers That Haunt Every Apartment Complex

Unfortunately, even the most cohesive of apartment complexes have curmudgeons getting in the way of all the camaraderie. Such people range from mildly annoying to downright Grinch-like. Here are some common types of party poopers that you best steer clear of.
23/07/2016 9:05 AM IST
Bullying In The Age Of The

Bullying In The Age Of The Internet

I think the internet has helped create the perfect bullies or as we sometimes know them, trolls. The cyber-bully knows it all and may have intimate access to your life. A conversation shared in private can be put on public records, a statement made years ago under different circumstances can be misquoted. Or better yet, they can create some kind of a poster, a meme, a picture, or share an embarrassing video over the internet.
18/04/2016 3:45 PM IST
Surviving My Struggle With

Surviving My Struggle With Self-Sabotage

I started telling myself that I could not do it. The end result was a loss of confidence and tasks left unattempted - things that failed before even starting. It made matters worse, because truth be told, even if you fail, just the effort of trying to make your dreams come true makes you more confident and more poised toward succeeding the next time you try. But sadly, self-sabotage is the destroyer of many dreams.
22/03/2016 8:19 AM IST
Why Women Must Stop Dragging Women

Why Women Must Stop Dragging Women Down

Empowerment, equal status, more rights, stricter laws, better safeguards are all things that are being demanded by women's rights lobbyists and feminists. But will that really solve the problem? Yes, we do need stricter laws and we do need to be treated as equals, but some change needs to come from within. I would go as far as to say that women are more responsible for their current state of affairs than men.
07/02/2016 12:01 AM IST
7 Things I Now Know About Effective

7 Things I Now Know About Effective Change

I would have scoffed at the person who had told me a year back that this is where I would be today -- confident, doing what I love doing and doing it successfully. Change is what creeps up on us unannounced, especially when we are stuck in a rut, and struggling. Who we are and what we will be is decided by how we react to change.
19/01/2016 8:38 AM IST
Fairness Isn't Even A Quality, Then Why Do We Make It

Fairness Isn't Even A Quality, Then Why Do We Make It One?

Being a dark kid who liked to play outside in the sun, my skin colour was always the concern for people around me. Cream recommendations and makeup tips were a part of any gathering I attended. I need to state here that I have never applied makeup in my life. But I have had people tell me to do so to appear one shade lighter. I wanted to ask them would being one shade lighter make me twice as intelligent?
05/10/2015 8:01 AM IST
Confessions Of A Divorced Single

Confessions Of A Divorced Single Mother

If you are a woman, your life is continuously under some sort of a scanner. A mother's every move is viewed in HD. To this you add the fact that you are a divorced single mother, and every person thinks they have the right to examine your life with a microscope. Suddenly every person is an expert on you and your child's life. That is the life I live, and do so with pride. It is not a bad life, but there are a few confessions I would like to make.
13/09/2015 8:06 AM IST
Dear Son, There Are 8 Things I Never Want You To

Dear Son, There Are 8 Things I Never Want You To Forget

Dear S, There are just so many things I want to tell you, and teach you. Some may come as life lessons, some lessons you may never need to learn. But there are a few that you must absolutely remember. Those - the ones I think are important - I am putting down in this letter. These are things I think you must live by. I hope to teach you by example, and I hope I teach you well.
27/08/2015 8:19 AM IST