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Indira Jaising

Former Additional Solicitor General of India

Indira Jaising was the former Additional Solicitor General of India. She is currently the Director of the Lawyers Collective Women's Rights Initiative.
Why Do Judges Fail To Comprehend The Nuances Of Gender

Why Do Judges Fail To Comprehend The Nuances Of Gender Discrimination?

Having regard to the fact that the girl was only 7 years of age and having further regard to the fact that there may not have been any "sexual intercourse", which is a precondition for conviction for rape, the High Court probably converted the conviction to one under Section 354, the only available section at that point. In that case, the High Court did not wrong.
03/07/2015 12:19 PM IST
No More

No More Bhopals

We should get together and lobby for an international tribunal to entertain complaints of corporate crime. Not only are the corporations' multinational and can cause damage beyond national boundaries, but they indulge in double standards of safety for third world countries where labour is cheap and regulatory regimes weak.
07/12/2014 2:42 PM IST