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Ieshan Wani

Freelance journalist

The writer is a freelance journalist from Kashmir, who is completing his Masters degree in convergent journalism from AJK MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia. He has been writing on human rights in Kashmir.
Ieshan Wani

Age, Gender, Culpability No Bar: Pellets Are Cruel And Unusual Punishment For Kashmiris

There are many of them. Their backgrounds are different, their places of origin are different, their ages are different… but one thing is uniting them -- the pain. Where there was light there is now dark, sometimes partial and sometimes complete, like death. Some were injured in the “battleground” where they used stones for ammo, while others were collateral damage -- some felled even as they went about daily life on the streets, in their homes.
19/07/2016 8:42 AM IST
Ieshan Wani

A Final Farewell To Tanzil Ahmed, The Officer A Nation Forgot To Mourn

It ended where it started for him. The sun is setting, its rays reflect on the coffin. Nothing has changed, except that he is dead and is surrounded by his classmates, friends and family, who have come to bid the final adieu. Dressed in white shalwar-kurtas, men of all age groups throng the Jamia Millia University. On the coffin lies the tricolour, reminding everyone that Tanzil Ahmed is a martyr.
05/04/2016 3:52 PM IST