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The RYOT Studio works with advertisers to create engaging and useful content that subtly weaves in brand narratives while following HuffPost's globally acclaimed standards. Our content brings audiences closer to brands, and encourages social sharing and conversation around these brands. To find out more, get in touch at
5 Things You Should Never Gift A

5 Things You Should Never Gift A Man

It is seriously rude to gift a Man a Deodorant. It amounts to telling them that they smell bad. You can pick up a perfume
24/02/2016 5:37 PM IST
Dream On, Dream

Dream On, Dream Big

We all have dreams-some realistic and some straight out of our fantasy world. Some dreams are big, some small, whatever be
19/02/2016 4:30 PM IST
Ouch! I dropped my

Ouch! I dropped my phone

For all of us our phones are our lifeline. It really will not be wrong to say that we live till our phones are alive. Now
16/02/2016 11:40 AM IST
Why We Lose Hair & How to Prevent

Why We Lose Hair & How to Prevent It

A thick, luscious, shiny crowning glory is a dream for all of us. Beautiful hair not only enhances your looks but can also
30/12/2015 3:02 PM IST
The Smartphone's Multiple

The Smartphone's Multiple Personality

The plan has changed. Every plan has changed. Try getting family together for anything from a Sunday lunch, to a weekend
29/12/2015 1:04 AM IST
Make the Most out of

Make the Most out of Mosambi

There is nothing like a tall glass of chilled sweet lime juice, a favourite downer when thirsty, hot and bothered. The benefits
11/12/2015 3:49 PM IST