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RYOT Studio

The RYOT Studio works with advertisers to create engaging and useful content that subtly weaves in brand narratives while following HuffPost's globally acclaimed standards. Our content brings audiences closer to brands, and encourages social sharing and conversation around these brands.

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Nestle India

100 and Running: The Incredible Fauja Singh

At the ripe old age of 89, Fauja Singh, with his distinctive turban and flowing grey beard, dons a pair of trainers, and runs his first marathon to become an overnight international sensation. That wa...
24/11/2015 8:10 PM IST

Thumbs Up for this Tribute to the Real Hero

Pride, honour, bravery, compassion, duty. While words in black and white cannot describe patriotism, these are a few that characterize the spirit of an Indian. This 69th Independence Day, let's celebr...
14/08/2015 7:39 PM IST

Cyber Nani Decodes Cyber Theft Jargon

With all the fancy new words and jargon flying around these days, it gets quite difficult at times to actually understand what is being said. I mean what does "Enable HTTP over SSL" mean? Even in my a...
30/06/2015 10:55 AM IST