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7 Ways To Transform Your Home Into A Zen Retreat

In literal terms, Zen refers to meditation. In interior design, it refers to creating an ambience that is tranquil, peaceful and meditative. The hubbub of urban life takes a toll on the mental well-being of any individual. This coupled with pollution and chaos can leave us pretty irritable and exhausted. What better solution, then, than transforming your home into a Zen sanctuary away from it all?
16/01/2016 8:40 AM IST

Subtle Lighting Ideas That Can Transform Your Home

Successful lighting keeps to the backstage and complements the décor. A good illumination design is like makeup. You must use it in such a way that it should highlight beautiful features and not the light or makeup itself.
23/12/2015 3:20 PM IST
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8 Ways To Get Your Home Diwali Ready

I get the urge to do something special with my space as soon as autumn settles in and the fragrance of jasmine rekindles my memories of childhood and happy festivities. For me, this somewhat nostalgic urge is about making the home speak the language of the festival of lights -- fresh, warm, inviting, happy, awash in colours and patterns. Here is an easy checklist and some handy tips to make sure your home reflects all the cheer of the season of celebrations.
04/11/2015 8:18 AM IST