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Harpreet Singh

Runs a Unique Travel Experiences Startup : BEEP - Beautiful Experiences Extraordinary Places

Harpreet Singh aka Harry aka Mister Beep, quit his job of seven years at Vh1 & MTV to make a career out of his passion for adventure sports especially ScubaDiving. He now runs a unique international travel experiences start-up called BEEP (Beautiful Experiences Extraordinary Places).
Harpreet Singh

These Villagers Are Saving Endangered Olive Ridley Turtles, And You Can Join In Too

Every other day, I read about animals being harmed for selfies and other selfish pursuits, and it makes me wonder, where did all the good people go? Well, some of those good people definitely live in Velas, a magical, sleepy little coastal village about 250km from Mumbai. Why is this place special you ask? The amazing humans of this village have taken it upon themselves to save tiny baby Olive Ridley turtles.
05/04/2016 8:21 AM IST
Harpreet Singh

Let's Listen To The Dead Whale On Juhu Beach

A 30-40ft dead whale is not what the morning walkers on Juhu beach would have wished to start their day with but you know what, I am glad this was the first sight we saw that morning. It will serve as a reminder for what we as a race are becoming and how our selfish, greedy ways are now showing up washed ashore, a symbol of shame.
29/01/2016 9:46 PM IST