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Harjeet Singh

Global lead on climate change, ActionAid International

Harjeet Singh is the global lead on climate change for ActionAid International, Based in New Delhi, he supports several countries across the world on the issue of climate change. He also chairs the Alliance of Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction (AADRR), India. Views are his own.
I'm A Proud Indian But I Refuse To Be A

I'm A Proud Indian But I Refuse To Be A Nationalist

Nepal is still reeling from the impact of the economic blockade they faced in the last few months. I have seen anguish and anger in their eyes towards India and Indians for their apathy. Bangladeshis painfully feel that they have got the raw side of the water-sharing deal with India. Should we simply turn a blind eye to their suffering only to safeguard India's interests? Should we not challenge our government and companies to follow the principles of humanity, equality and justice?
02/03/2016 8:13 AM IST