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Graham Nelson

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HURLED into the cold depths of space from a dying planet, young Graham Nelson found a new home in a small midwest fa--wait. Wait, no. That--that's Superman. Probably tons of copyrights there. Yikes. Uh, hold on a second. SCREAMS of hot agony clung to the walls of the empty laboratory. Graham Nelson clutched at his swollen wrist where the spider's dripping, radioactive fangs had...pierced... Ugh. Dang. I'm doing it again, aren't I? Disney's going to flip. Sigh. Fine. REGRETTABLY, Graham Nelson has no secret origin to disclose at this time. He grew up in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. His childhood was remarkably free of grizzly, life-changing crimes committed against his loved ones. When he was ten, he moved to Tokyo, Japan, where you'd think there might at least be an atomic monster to fight, but, no, you'd be wrong. Because life isn't fair. On the plus side, his decade of studying and teaching in Tokyo enhanced his ability to eat miso ramen to near-superhuman levels. Graham works as a freelance producer and writer for a Japanese television network and myriad local production companies. In his spare time, he writes. His first novel, a comedy about the world's most dangerous geopolitical hotspot, will be published one day, most likely after he finishes editing it. He lives in Brooklyn. Read about his adventures on his website.