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Girish Gupta

Technical Services Director at Citrix Systems, India

Girish Gupta is the Technical Services Director at Citrix Systems in India. He brings over 10 years of information technology expertise across the software engineering and consulting space. He also has extensive hands on experience across all stages of software product development life cycle, including initial analytical and final deployment stages at client sites
Envisioning The Healthcare Of Getty

Envisioning The Healthcare Of Things

Augmented by sensors, wearables and instrumentation, the Healthcare of Things enables us and healthcare professionals to monitor our health through activities of daily living (ADL). Currently, wearables are mostly used for fitness tracking, but these devices will soon become a gateway to transfer healthcare data to medical professionals. You doctor will receive data from these devices, which will reflect your sleep patterns, cardiac and circulatory profiles, and responses to varying conditions of stress. This is just the beginning -- it will assist with chronic disease monitoring and remind us to take our prescription medication.
14/08/2015 8:16 AM IST