Geetansh Bamania

CEO & Founder, Rentomojo

Geetansh Bamania, an enthusiastic entrepreneur and dynamic personality started his career in engineering from IIT Madras. By the age of 27, Geetansh is already a serial entrepreneur with prior forays in community learning (Click2skill) and philanthropic crowdfunding (HopeMonkey). He has also worked with companies like Flipkart, Pepperfry and KPGM. <br> <br> Geetansh along with Ajay Nain launched <a href="" rel="nofollow">RentoMojo</a> in Dec 2014, to provide frugal furnishing rental solutions to the ever-increasing population of migrants in major cities across India looking for quick solutions for furnishing. <br> <br> “Increased mobility among the working population today has resulted in a surge in the disposable income pie and this is divided into transport spend, mobile bills, hangouts, leisure trips, shopping, etc. With easy, affordable and hassle-free solutions from Rentomojo, this disposable income can be allocated to better life experiences without being tied to furniture and appliances that people may not need in the future. Rentomojo provides affordable lifestyle solutions which come without the inertia of disposing off the assets or unnecessary relocation related expenditure” says Geetansh. <br> <br> This ambitious start-up genius has now revolutionized the way people meet their lifestyle needs by promoting and encouraging new-age folks to start renting instead of spending money to buy furniture and other household appliances.
Buying Stuff Is Just So

Buying Stuff Is Just So Yesterday

Unsure of whether you'll be living in a city for a long time? Hate to wear the same dress twice? Don't want to get tied down by EMIs? Have a road trip on your bucket list and no vehicle? First of all, join the club! Second -- rent it. It's a win-win situation, if you don't like the products, you can return them without suffering heavy investment losses. And if you do them, you can now access them without saving up.
12/05/2016 1:06 PM IST