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Gauri Mohan

Co-founder of My Big Red Bag. Eats too many carbs, reads too many books

Gauri is the co-founder of, a netzine that examines current news and popular culture from the (atypical) perspective of women. She writes about her favourite books, Bollywood, feminism and television.She loves strong cappuccinos and post-apocalyptic science fiction
Teachers' Day: Tales From The ImagesBazaar via Getty Images

Teachers' Day: Tales From The Trenches

We want our children to work in Infosys and IBM, and think of a career spent working in Delhi University or Delhi Public School as a failure of sorts. At the same time, in a startling display of double standards, we bemoan the quality of education our children are getting in said universities and schools.
08/09/2015 8:14 AM IST
Stories of Sisterhood: On Bollywood's A. Poorna Chandra Rao/YouTube

Stories of Sisterhood: On Bollywood's Behens

Among all of Hindi cinema strikes against gender balance, the way they treat their sisters is perhaps the worst. In a male-centric industry, sisters exist only to provide a reason for the brother's demeanour, and little more. But occasionally, there is a sisterly relationship that is fully realized - a sister who is a real person with an inner life and a believable arc. Here's to some of Hindi Cinema's most memorable behnas and their steel wills.
26/08/2015 8:22 AM IST
Stories Of Sisterhood: The Jugalbandi Of Lata And STRDEL via Getty Images

Stories Of Sisterhood: The Jugalbandi Of Lata And Asha

We want our stories to have a simple narrative - relationships easily resolved, and feelings that are either best described as abiding love or bitter enmity. But in the case of the Mangeshkar sisters, the truth is probably a little more complicated. They've squabbled, been bitter rivals, supported each other and been each other's best friend through an entire six decades lived in the limelight. And that's what makes their sisterhood so unique.
21/08/2015 8:09 AM IST
The Vogue Empower Ad Asks But Doesn't Meriel Jane Waissman via Getty Images

The Vogue Empower Ad Asks But Doesn't Answer

It is fitting that the video talks about choice, because that, unfortunately, is one thing that women (even the most powerful of Bollywood icons) don't always have. They spend entire careers playing second fiddle and sex objects to much older male actors for a chance to be their own person. Then, just as soon as they turn 30, they are discarded for the next generation of women with little power.
01/04/2015 8:13 AM IST