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Garima Garg

Journalism student

I am currently studying for my Master's in Journalism at Columbia University. Although my specialisations are more in line with business and data journalism, I do have a keen interest in Indian socio-political scenario as well.
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Where's The Dialogue On JNU? This Lazy Mud-Slinging Doesn't Count

How does anyone justify support for those who want the destruction of this country? Why did this slogan and its implications deteriorate into a shouting match between those who consider themselves patriotic and the self-appointed saviours of the values of liberalism? When did it become "nationalistic" to question the student protesters wanting the destruction of the very same state that funds the bulk of their education? The government and its spokespersons have gone overboard but the critics haven't done a great job either.
25/02/2016 8:18 AM IST