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Fyna Ashwath

Freelance writer

A freelance writer based in Dubai, Fyna Ashwath has been regularly writing for Gulf News, the leading English daily in the UAE, over the last five years. <br> <br> Earlier a full time banker, the magic of words eventually lured her away from the world of investments and wealth management. She now devotes all her time to her passion for writing and to taking care of her two sons whilst pursuing an insatiable love for travel.
This Healthy Obsession Is Revitalizing Lives Across

This Healthy Obsession Is Revitalizing Lives Across Kerala

On a recent visit to Kerala, the change sweeping across the state and rapidly turning into a way of life for many was palpable. Everywhere in God's Own Country, people are using the backyards of their homes, terraces, rooftops and any other available space to produce several varieties of vegetables and fruits that not only provide tasty meals but are reassuringly free of pesticides and toxic chemicals.
04/05/2016 8:17 AM IST