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Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse

World-renowned Buddhist meditation master, teacher and author

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse is a world-renowned Buddhist meditation master, teacher, and author of best-selling books on Buddhist philosophy and practice (What Makes You Not a Buddhist and Not for Happiness). He has lectured at Oxford University, UC-Berkeley, and Beijing University, founded and leads a 100-year global initiative involving nearly 200 scholars and translators to translate all the Buddha’s teachings into English, and heads monasteries and meditation centres on five continents. He also founded and heads charitable organizations engaged in both Buddhist and humanitarian work, and has made three highly acclaimed films.
How India Is Squandering Its Top Export: The

How India Is Squandering Its Top Export: The Buddha

India and Nepal gave the world one of its most precious resources -- the Buddha. Yet neither country truly values this extraordinary legacy, let alone takes pride in it. In the Buddha's own birthplace and homeland, his teachings are marginalised, his wisdom is unappreciated, and his legacy is invisible in society.
06/04/2015 3:55 PM IST