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Dronacharya Dave

Writer, Blogger, Traveler, Explorer, Vagabond, Foodie, Cook, Gourmand.

An engineering graduate, i moved to content writing and blogging to explore my creative side, and haven't looked back since. Getting into writing brought me closer to my passion; traveling. Together, it defines my life today, 'a travel writer'.

When not traveling or writing, you can find me lazying at home watching the Breaking Bad.

‘I Lived Through Nepal's Deadliest Nightmare, In Broad Daylight'

It will soon be a year since deadly earthquakes shattered the usually tranquil and spiritual land of Nepal. It not only took thousands of lives, but reduced the architectural and cultural heritage of the country to rubble. Only the people who lived this dreadful incident know how traumatic it was. Here is one such chilling story of a woman from Nepal who experienced the earth's fury and survived to tell the tale.
21/04/2016 6:41 PM IST

6 ‘Volunteer Abroad' Destinations That I found Almost Impossible To Leave

I have been including volunteer work in most of my expeditions for a while now, and have encountered certain places that were so enchanting that I completely lost track of time. Week-long visits extended to a month, and leaving was a wrenching experience. Here are some volunteer destinations that you'll want to stay in forever.
11/01/2016 10:40 AM IST