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Dr Soham D. Bhaduri

Doctor, writer, philosophy of mind enthusiast

Dr Soham D. Bhaduri graduated as a medical doctor from Rajiv Gandhi Medical College, Thane, Maharashtra, and is currently working as a Medical Officer in Alibagh, Maharashtra. He has a relish for philosophy, the study of mind and consciousness, and social anthropology. He also has a keen interest in matters pertaining to healthcare, mental health, and medical education. He has been published in a number of medical and non-medical portals and magazines like The Huffington Post, The British Medical Journal, The Wire India, India Medical Times, and many others. He has also conducted a number of interviews of renowned doctors and health professionals from both India and abroad, on topics related to mental health and primary care. He blogs at The Free-Thinking Medic.
Why The Good Isn’t

Why The Good Isn’t Attractive

It's unhinging to know that what is "good" isn't always attractive. What I mean is that the choices that are universally
14/11/2016 1:00 PM IST
Why It’s Important To Restore The Prestige Of Family Medicine In

Why It’s Important To Restore The Prestige Of Family Medicine In India

The general practitioner (GP) has been relegated to a position at the bottom of the medical ladder, with the higher rungs occupied by specialists. The diverse skillset needed to run a successful family practice, and the fact that a general grasp of different specialties makes a worthy specialty in itself, has never been appreciated. The rampant specialty cult in the country has thus stripped family practice of its prestige and allure.
05/09/2016 6:38 PM IST
Why Demonizing Doctors Will Harm The Health Of The

Why Demonizing Doctors Will Harm The Health Of The Nation

Why are doctors stereotyped as snobbish, heartless and villainous in the media? The truth is that doctors today are the most vulnerable group of professionals. Why does the number of assaults on doctors exceed that of any other professional? Why do we have one of the highest rates of suicide? Why do the grievances of the medical fraternity not receive any redressal whatsoever from the government?
30/08/2016 1:18 PM IST