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Dr Sanjay Sarin

India Head, FIND

Dr Sanjay Sarin joined FIND in September 2015 as Head of Country Operations for India and Head of Access Programme for Asia Pacific. He has a doctorate from PGIMER, Chandigarh, India and close to 20 years’ experience in health policy, market development, and business management with specialization in the development of strategic initiatives for driving access in emerging markets. In his current role, he is responsible for providing leadership for strategic plan development and implementation of current and planned operations in FIND India, ensuring continued engagement with partners and donors at local and international levels and leading the resource mobilization efforts in the AP region.

Sanjay joined FIND from Becton Dickinson (BD), where he was Regional Director of Global Health for the Asia Pacific region and was responsible for design, development, and implementation of BD’s public health strategies. During his stint with BD, he was instrumental in establishing several key partnerships, including one with MoH India, which resulted in expansion of TB diagnostic capacity within the national TB programme; TB lab strengthening partnership with USAID in Indonesia; collaboration with Project Hope to strengthen diabetes management capacity at Class 1 facilities in China, and a lab systems strengthening partnership with CDC and MoH India known as the “Labs for Life Partnership”.

Before joining BD, Sanjay served as Regional Lab Advisor (India & South East Asia) with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). In CHAI, he played a key role in scaling up access to CD4 monitoring within India’s AIDS Control Programme and was responsible for setting up more than a dozen functional CD4 laboratories, development of the CD4 enumeration guidelines and an external quality assurance system for CD4 monitoring in India.
There's A New Cure For Hepatitis C, But Where Are The

There's A New Cure For Hepatitis C, But Where Are The Diagnoses?

Hepatitis C, a potentially life-threatening liver disease, affects an estimated 12 million people in India, most of whom do not know that they have been infected with the virus. Thanks to newly available treatment, the disease can be cured in more than 90% of cases in only about 12 weeks. With effective treatment, there is now a real possibility of eliminating hepatitis C as a public health threat... but first we have to diagnose those who are infected.
06/05/2016 8:27 AM IST
Quick Diagnosis Is Key To Curbing TB Transmission In

Quick Diagnosis Is Key To Curbing TB Transmission In India

For TB, early and accurate diagnosis is critical for prompt and effective treatment to start and the cycle of transmission to be broken. It is also important to determine whether the disease is resistant to first-line drugs. If it is, a different and lengthier second-line treatment regimen is required.
24/04/2016 12:16 AM IST