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Dr. Pradeep

Foot and Ankle Specialist Surgeon at S.L. Raheja Fortis

Dr Pradeep Moonot is the only knee, foot and ankle surgeon in India, who has been practicing in UK for more than 10 years and recently moved to Mumbai. His specialist area of interest is surgery of the knee and sports medicine, including primary and revision joint replacement and foot and ankle surgery. He is well known for being the only dedicated knee, foot and ankle specialist in the country. His particular interests are ligament reconstruction and arthroscopic surgery, revision knee surgery and complex fractures and trauma of the knee joint.
Don't Let The Wrong Pair Of Chappals Give Your Feet A ©andyjbarrow via Getty Images

Don't Let The Wrong Pair Of Chappals Give Your Feet A Kicking

With the start of the rainy season, more people will be trading their regular shoes for chappals, flip-flops and sandals. Many of us buy flip-flops on impulse, choosing a pair that looks good or feels comfortable enough after a few paces around the store. Others buy without stopping to think what percentage of the will be spent in them. This is a mistake. Here's everything you need to know about selecting the right chappals.
05/07/2016 8:38 AM IST