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Dr. Juergen Moessinger

Vice President, Engineering Services, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Dr. Moessinger is responsible for products, services and solutions in the areas of Consumer Goods, Industrial Technology, Energy and Building Technology, Aftermarket and Automotive Electronics.

After joining Robert Bosch in 1995, he headed several positions in platform and customer product development for engine control units and was the Spokesperson of the AUTOSAR Consortium in 2008. In his prior role at the Business Unit Diesel Gasoline Systems – Electronic Controls his worldwide responsibility included Quality, Processes and Innovation. He studied Physics at the Technical University of Stuttgart, Germany. After his Ph.D., he worked at the Max-Planck-Institute for Metals Research.
The Potential and Pitfalls Of 'Smart Manufacturing' In

The Potential and Pitfalls Of 'Smart Manufacturing' In India

Today, although China is still the manufacturing leader in Asia as well as the world, I feel that India is in a unique position. The software services sector is the key knowledge component in India, and since Industry 4.0 combines traditional manufacturing with IT and the Internet of Things (IoT), India can become the major industrial hub in Asia if it plays its cards right.
30/10/2015 8:17 AM IST