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Anjali Nigam

CEO and Founder Director of WhiteSwan Consulting Group

Dr Anjali Nigam is the CEO and Founder Director of WhiteSwan Consulting Group, WCG, an organizational effectiveness company founded in 2007. An award winning social entrepreneur, Anjali made ''Regenerating Values & Gender Sensitization'' her mission, after the horrific rape and murder of Nirbhay in December 2012, opening a number of Neem schools under Neem trees for teaching to urban slums children apart from gender sensitisation workshops in corporates and PSUs. She is the author of ''Brainstilling - An Experiential Approach'' sold in 40 countries.
Anjali Nigam

Why I Started Value-Based Schools In Slums To Tackle Juvenile Crime

There is an absolute void when it comes to formalized imparting of the right values to urban slum children, both within homes and schools. I wanted Neem Schools to make underprivileged children "respected and respecting citizens". The school would not teach classes -- just values taught through sensitization techniques. Today we have six Neem Schools in six slums in Delhi and Gurgaon, covering about 500 children.
04/11/2015 8:18 AM IST