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Dr. Anil Bhoraskar

Honorary Diabetologist, S L Raheja Fortis Hospital Mahim

Dr. Anil Bhoraskar is an experienced Mumbai-based Diabetologist, practicing since the last 32 years. He completed his MD post-graduation degree from Grant Medical College, Mumbai, in 1980. He then worked in the Department of Endocrinology as a Research Officer at KEM Hospital, Mumbai, from 1980-82. <br> Dr. Bhoraskar is an Honorary Diabetologist at S L Raheja Hospital in Mahim. He is also associated with Asian Heart Institute. Apart from his medical practice, he is an Honorary Assistant Professor at Grant Medical College, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students of Medicine. <br> Dr. Bhoraskar has many papers and publications to his name in national and international journals, and has participated in numerous symposiums, seminars and conferences held under the auspices of the Diabetic Association of India, International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and Association of Physicians of India. He is the IDF Representative of India and Chairman-Elect for the South-East Asian region of IDF.
Is Your Lifestyle A Standing Invitation For Diabetes? Make These Changes

Is Your Lifestyle A Standing Invitation For Diabetes? Make These Changes Now!

There is no doubt that we Indians are genetically and ethnically susceptible to diabetes and heart disease but like a tree to bloom you need 'nurturing' for diabetes to manifest into its full blown syndrome. These factors include inactivity, lack of physical exercise, faulty nutrition (starting from your mother's diet when you were in the womb!) and severe mental and physical stress.
13/04/2016 8:19 AM IST