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Dr. Amit Kapoor

President & CEO of India Council on Competitivenes

Dr. Amit Kapoor is President & CEO of India Council on Competitiveness and Honorary Chairman, Institute for Competitiveness, India. He tweets @kautiliya and can be reached at This piece is co-authored with Vrinda Gupta who is an MMS candidate at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.
Innovation Key To Making India A Global

Innovation Key To Making India A Global Competitor

Although numerous efforts have been made by the government to boost innovation and entrepreneurship in India, there is a lack of institutional framework for the effective implementation of such reforms. According to the World Bank, India ranks 158th on "ease of starting a business" out of 189 economies. These rankings are very discouraging and mean that many bright ideas don't see the light of day.
02/02/2015 8:21 AM IST
Drivers Of India's

Drivers Of India's Competitiveness

As India progresses towards the future, following are the key economic drivers that could strengthen the rise in its competitiveness and are in sync with the actions currently being taken by the government.
12/01/2015 8:05 AM IST