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Dikshu C. Kukreja

MD & Principal Architect, C P Kukreja Associates

Dikshu Kukreja is an Architect and an Urban Designer. He has a Bachelors in Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture and is also an alumni of Harvard University. He is a member of the Council of Architecture and American Society for Regional Planning, USA and an Associate with Indian Institute of Architects. CPKA is an ISO 9001-2008 certified firm that has been selected by one of the world’s leading Architectural Journals, ‘World Architecture, U.K’ amongst the top 100 Architecture Firms in the world.
Adnan Abidi / Reuters

Please, Spare Us The Odd-Even Torture This Winter

Delhi’s Transport Minister recently said that the odd-even rule for rationing private cars’ use of Delhi roads may be back this winter. Now, we don’t have any definitive answer for whether the implementation of the odd-even scheme leads to any reduction in pollution levels. There are also some other compelling reasons to argue why bringing back the scheme is a bad idea. We can start with the citizens’ right to free movement, which gets terribly impaired every time the odd-even rule is in force.
15/07/2016 6:20 PM IST