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Dikshu C. Kukreja

MD & Principal Architect, C P Kukreja Associates

Dikshu Kukreja is an Architect and an Urban Designer. He has a Bachelors in Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture and is also an alumni of Harvard University. He is a member of the Council of Architecture and American Society for Regional Planning, USA and an Associate with Indian Institute of Architects. CPKA is an ISO 9001-2008 certified firm that has been selected by one of the world’s leading Architectural Journals, ‘World Architecture, U.K’ amongst the top 100 Architecture Firms in the world.
Please, Spare Us The Odd-Even Torture This Adnan Abidi / Reuters

Please, Spare Us The Odd-Even Torture This Winter

Delhi’s Transport Minister recently said that the odd-even rule for rationing private cars’ use of Delhi roads may be back this winter. Now, we don’t have any definitive answer for whether the implementation of the odd-even scheme leads to any reduction in pollution levels. There are also some other compelling reasons to argue why bringing back the scheme is a bad idea. We can start with the citizens’ right to free movement, which gets terribly impaired every time the odd-even rule is in force.
15/07/2016 6:20 PM IST