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Dhritiman Hazarika

Student at the School of Management, NITK

An inherently creative person, Dhritiman is a management student at NITK. He is an erstwhile web developer and a hardcore gamer at heart. He believes in speaking his mind through coding, sketching and blogging. He loves eating as much as he loves cooking. He is a movie Buff and believes Christopher Nolan is the greatest movie director in the world.
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How Not To Be Like Rahul Yadav: 6 Takeaways For Young Entrepreneurs

From his public airing of spats with investors to playing the media like a guitar, Rahul Yadav challenged the status quo at every step. He rejected corporate bureaucracy and a boot-licking culture. He was also brilliantly disrespectful, a self-serving narcissist (like many of the new breed of young entrepreneurs) and got himself fired. While there is much to admire about the man, there are some lessons on how not to do business embedded in his saga as well.
26/11/2015 8:23 AM IST
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Here's A Gear Change That Could Finally Get Tata Nano Back In The Race

The car's dismal performance proved that marketers should never undermine the role of human psychology while crafting their strategies. Our societal norms do not allow the ego of a man to drive around in a cute Nano -- it makes a lot more sense for the car to go for a novel (albeit risky) gender-based segmentation in the face of competition such as the recently launched Renault Kwid. Nano's future lies in becoming a symbol of "woman power", much like what the Scooty brands accomplished.
21/10/2015 8:31 AM IST
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COUNTERED: 7 Arguments Against Flipkart's App-Only Makeover

Whoa! My previous article, "6 Reasons Why Flipkart's App-Only Strategy Is A Masterstroke", sparked quite a debate in the realm of social media. Every second person who took the time to read the article had some sort of problem with Flipkart's impending move. While I continue to reply to each and every comment to explain my perspective, I reckoned it would be more efficient to address the common concerns expressed by readers in a single post.
23/09/2015 8:11 AM IST