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Devishobha Ramanan

Founder and Editor @ Devishobha Ramanan is a Bengaluru-based Corporate denizen, engineer cum social activist, writer, prolific blogger and a very proud mom of two amazing girls. She blogs on where she has built a platform for parents to share their kid's quips while growing up. She believes that kids help adults look at the world with fresh new eyes everyday She also writes on parenting and social issues in Which parent hasn't had a OMG moment with the child? At Kidskintha, you can now make your child's quip last forever...Find out how.
10 Ridiculous Ideas About Rape That I Got From The

10 Ridiculous Ideas About Rape That I Got From The Movies

My thoughts wandered back to what I believed about sex, babies, marriage and men as I was growing up in the days when Doordarshan was the only TV channel and when Saturday and Sunday evenings were the only time we got to watch movies. Turns out, some of my notions were downright ridiculous. And all of them were fed by Indian cinema (Bollywood as well as regional films).
19/02/2015 8:16 AM IST
Forget Talent, Teach Kids Grit For

Forget Talent, Teach Kids Grit For Success

The most successful predictor of success in kids is not talent or IQ, but a psychological trait called grit. Many not-so-naturals have ultimately become brilliance personified in their fields, often surpassing the naturals. So, how do we build this trait called grit in kids? Can it even be developed? Or are some people simply born with it?
30/01/2015 8:10 AM IST