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Dev Aditya Khosla

CEO and Co-Founder,

When it comes to the world’s– Losing Weight – Dev Khosla at 25, is already possibly one of the best and youngest experts on the subject in India.

The co-founder of, Khosla’s depth of knowledge, and choice of career stems from a very personal experience: A few years ago when, the young entrepreneur weighed in at 90 kilograms, (prior to going abroad,while he was pursuing higher education in Singapore)he sought out online weight-loss advise from his mother, Ishi Khosla ( also one of the top nutritionist in the country).

Dev, lost a whopping 20 kgs, while adhering to his online nutritional counseling and real time dietary guidance across borders. The good news is, the weight never did come back again, because Dev had learnt to “eat right”.

Dev believed that if he could lose weight, across continents, and if he were to create a program, that was well structured, personalized and affordable, millions of other people could lose weight too. His personal experience led him to launch (TWM) in early 2012. (TWM) is India’s first fully online weight management website that delivers personalized dietary guidance with interactive monitoring tools to help one lose weight.

Prior to this entrepreneurial venture, Dev had already co-founded a marketing start up called Mpigeon, Handshake (an online portal for commodity trading) and Falconcrest Trading Pvt. Ltd (another commodity trading initiative). This was while he was still studying at the Singapore Institute of Management.

Dev believes that loosing weight scientifically is the best approach to weightloss. In this way a person learns the art of eating right by focusing on the quality of calories instead of the quantity of calories.

He plans to take his company global by delivering sustainable weight management solutions that aim to correct the eating habits of people, worldwide.

Khosla, is a foodie by nature and still enjoys eating right. He loves to dabble in painting, while indulging in some leisure time.
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