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Desha Gehi


Born & brought up in Mumbai, I love to click, eat and travel – not always in the same order. My fondest memories have been created around a dinner table sharing a delicious meal with the family, huddling by a street cart vendor with a friend or indulging in life-changing conversations over a cup of coffee. I have learnt to appreciate little things in life after discovering my love for photography. My gorgeous Canon 550D makes me see beauty in everything – even in flames coming out of a gas stove. Ever since the travel bug has bitten me, I have found myself deeply addicted to Parks, Adventure Sports, Bubble Tea, Cheesecakes, Sushi and more. Exploring different cultures and cuisines, interacting with different people has taught me things I would never be able to learn otherwise. Professionally, I have been a Publicist, Social Media and Digital Marketer for some of the leading brands in the Indian hospitality industry. In February, I decided to pursue my passion for food, travel and photography and finally started my own blog, That Foodie Chick. To have a look at my work, please log onto
5 Sinful Monsoon

5 Sinful Monsoon Treats

As soon as it starts raining, the stomach starts to rumble and craves for some scrumptious monsoon snacks. (Well, they are available all year round but are somehow more special during the rainy season.) The joy one gets while sipping on a piping hot cup of coffee or <em>masala chai</em> while enjoying the monsoon is unexplainable. And no cuppa is complete without the sinful snacks that go along with it.
18/06/2015 8:13 AM IST
5 International Cuisines I Would Like To See In

5 International Cuisines I Would Like To See In Mumbai

I have noticed that most newly opened/upcoming eateries in the city are specialising in Chinese, Italian, Japanese or Lebanese cuisine. Restaurateurs are playing it safe by sticking to culinary styles that have been tried and tested on the Indian palate. Since Mumbai is a diverse city, it would be nice to see some stand-alone restaurants that serve unique flavours.
04/06/2015 8:24 AM IST