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Delhi’s Video Guide

Since its launch in November 2014, DelhiPedia has grown at a rapid pace with more than 2,40,000 Facebook followers and these followers are growing day by day. Delhipedia is a location based application which allows viewers (travellers, explorers and youngsters) to take virtual tours via short 3 to 5 minutes videos and share their experience through various platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc).

The application covers all aspects of the city, starting from heritage monuments, happy bazaars, thriving cultural scene, to platefuls of delicious food that bring Delhiites together. Delhipedia’s YouTube channel and its Digital Magazine brings alive the true essence of Delhi and its magnificent culture. In a way, Delhipedia is an audio visual running encyclopedia about the city, which the Delhiites are still unaware of. By downloading this application, Delhipedia would be a one-stop solution for anyone visiting the city. With this app, one can visualize the best of Delhi with one video at a time.

In order to explore the unexplored, the Delhipedia team created short videos and uploaded them on Delhipedia’s YouTube channel and built a successful community on Facebook. On the sidelines they were working to create a phone based application for the city of Delhi, a namesake of the YouTube channel and Facebook page called 'Delhipedia'. With the idea to bring in some ‘fun’ element and at the same time, help people discover places of interest, the application, already available on the Google Play store, is being reworked for Apple and should be on iTunes, and will be available by the end of the year along with the website, and

Therefore, digitization goes many steps forward. Get information now about your city by just surfing on your handset.

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WATCH: Meet Omkar Nath Sharma, Delhi's Medicine

WATCH: Meet Omkar Nath Sharma, Delhi's Medicine Baba

It's a sight you just can't miss! The septuagenarian with a struggling swagger stands out in his bright saffron pyjama-kurta with bold printing on the front (in Hindi) and back (in English) announcing his credentials as a 'Mobile Medicine Bank'.
23/03/2016 8:16 AM IST
Don't Try After Sunset: The Most Haunted Places In Delhi (Part

Don't Try After Sunset: The Most Haunted Places In Delhi (Part 1)

Delhi has more than 1300 monuments. Some of them have deep dark secrets. It is also widely believed that many of them are haunted, harbouring in their shadowy recesses djinns, ghosts, spirits and more. So hold your nerve as we at Delhipedia take you on a tour of the most ghostly corners of the city in our first episode of "Haunted Places in Delhi".
11/02/2016 12:54 PM IST