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Deepali Khanna

Director, The Rockefeller Foundation

As Director of The Rockefeller Foundation, Deepali Khanna leads the Smart Power for Rural Development initiative that aims to deliver electricity and catalyze economic development among underserved populations in rural India.

Deepali has over three decades of experience leading the development and implementation of youth empowerment and education including the MasterCard Foundation’s global strategy in youth learning. As Regional Director of Plan International in Eastern and Southern Africa, Deepali led the process of organizational change in the region including development of a gender strategy.

How Clean Energy Mini-Grids Can Empower Rural

How Clean Energy Mini-Grids Can Empower Rural India

Far from the national power grid and without access to a reliable source of electricity, Sunil Kumar, the owner of a carpentry shop in Siwan, a district in Bihar, used to take three to four days to bu...
07/12/2016 12:55 PM IST