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Debleena Majumdar

Impact Investor, Writer, Singer

Debleena is a Bangalore based Impact Investor, teacher, writer and singer. With a background in Strategy, Finance and Marketing, she has worked with global firms such as GE, Fidelity, JP Morgan, Prudential as well as with start-up Strategy and Marketing. As part of her role as Impact Investor, she is interested in helping scale up disruptive business ideas in the sectors such as Education, Healthcare, Financial Payments, Agriculture etc. where innovation and scale are most needed for Impact in India. <br> She teaches regularly at leading Institutes of India and also speaks at leading conferences. A keen writer, she has published articles and stories in multiple journals. Weekends find her telling stories and singing folk songs.
Motherhood And The Art Of Letting

Motherhood And The Art Of Letting Go

For the first one year, as you feed your child each morsel of food and watch her take her first tottering steps holding on to your hand as an anchor, you feel pain and love as you probably have never felt before. Then comes the day when she steps out, alone, for the first time, to her playschool or her daycare, leaving home and you. She cries, probably for a few days, but you cry longer.
03/12/2015 8:55 AM IST
Not Just Another Brick In The Wall: 5 Disruptions In Indian

Not Just Another Brick In The Wall: 5 Disruptions In Indian Education

The market size of online education in India is expected to cross $40 billion by 2017. As new government initiatives are being launched and new edu-tech funding deals are being announced, education is suddenly an investable business. Let's look at five examples of companies trying to disrupt the quality of education in India, with technology used as an enabler - as a means and not the end.
19/11/2015 9:32 AM IST