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Debanjana Choudhuri

Communications manager at IPPF-SPRINT

Debanjana works as the communications manager at IPPF-SPRINT. She is a former journalist and has an experience of over 11 years in media and communications. Having worked with some of the leading news channels in India, she has a nose for news. In the SPRINT Initiative, Debanjana looks after the communications and everything that comes with it. She is passionate about humanitarian work and believes that ‘one act of kindness-a day; is a beginning to bring in bigger changes!’

As Manager-Communications SPRINT Programme of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), I look after the media and communication requirements of 16 countries across Africa, South Asia, South East Asia and Oceania region. Currently I am based out of New Delhi, India and frequently travel to meet the media and communications requirement of the programme. Being the manager of the communications division in SPRINT programme, I supervise the web/digital content and take care of the traditional media especially during emergencies. My role permits me to act as a spokesperson, as well as guide the Director with talking points for the media.

Prior to IPPF, I worked as a Sr. Media Officer with Greenpeace India, I have had experience on media advocacy, media campaigns, leadership roles and various aspects of communications
My Visit To A Ugandan Refugee Camp: Tackling Gender-Based Violence And

My Visit To A Ugandan Refugee Camp: Tackling Gender-Based Violence And HIV

A chat with the health workers opened a can of worms. Most of the refugees who have escaped conflict situations and civil wars in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Burundi and Ethiopia have barely heard about HIV or family planning. And the more I probed and talked to refugees, the scarier their stories became.
28/09/2015 8:23 AM IST
Seeing Stories Of Hope In War-Torn Northern

Seeing Stories Of Hope In War-Torn Northern Myanmar

In the north of Myanmar fighting between the army and ethnic rebels has forced tens of thousands of civilians to flee. As a manager with IPPF's SPRINT initiative, I visited the state of Kachin where my organisation -- along with the Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association -- is providing life-saving sexual and reproductive health services to the most vulnerable and deprived.
10/08/2015 8:17 AM IST