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Dave Besseling


Dave Besseling is the Deputy Editor at GQ India and the author of The Liquid Refuses to Ignite and Laid in India.

Why Delhi Girls Are A Problem For Bombay's Number One Pickup Artist

Journalist Dave Besseling spent eight weeks following Sid Malhotra, self-styled Number One Pickup Artist in India, to tell his story in his new book, Laid in India. Once a nobody in a small town in Andhra Pradesh, Sid now claims to have the power to seduce any woman, 'anytime, anywhere'. As he goes from bar to bar spreading his charm, Besseling documents his adventures with a mix of fascination, irony and scathing wit.
18/07/2016 1:21 PM IST

You Gave The Maharajah A Makeover, But We Love You The Way You Are Air India

We stand by you, Air India, because you're out-of-date, unhip, and unconcerned about any of it. That is your charm. That is why we love you. The Maharajah doesn't need an update, guys. We don't want the Miss-India-reject flight attendants like they have on Indigo. We don't want competent pilots. We fly AI because it supplies us with a thrilling sense of our own mortality, and of course, for the sweet aunties who serve us beers with our channa masala on long-haul flights.
11/02/2015 8:05 AM IST