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Darshan Mondkar


Most of my working experience has been in the Mechanical Engineering field. Having lived a hostel life, however, has taken me out of the protective nest a long time ago, exposing me to the harsh realities of life at an early age.

An avid reader and a part-time writer.

Being a businessman (manufacturing) by profession and an engineer by qualification, the time spent writing helps me gets away from my everyday routine.

Reading and Writing is a passion. Beyond that, I enjoy sports, cars and technology.

My Thought
“ There is no bad experience as long as you learn something from it. Your life is only a result of the choices you make.”

‘Dad, Are Muslims Our ASSOCIATED PRESS

‘Dad, Are Muslims Our Enemies?'

"Dad, are Muslims our enemies?" I dropped my book on my lap and looked up with my best WTF look on my face. My 8-year-old son was standing in the front of me, his hands on his hips. "Why do you ask that?" I said. He frowned, "We have this guy Altaf in our class and everyone says he is our enemy because he is a Muslim. No one sits with him anymore and we are going to beat him up tomorrow in the recess."
08/07/2015 8:23 AM IST