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Chirag Taneja

Co-Founder, Ketchupp

  Chirag Taneja Startup enthusiast, Co-Founder of Ketchupp. Chirag Taneja is a coder at heart , an execution oriented guy with experience in technology, finance & strategy. Apart from being a voracious reader, Chirag loves Beer & Biryani. He has strong opinions on how technology is playing a larger role in changing day to day lives. 
Biryani Is Not Pulao  —  Let’s Settle It Once And For

Biryani Is Not Pulao  —  Let’s Settle It Once And For All

Each time a restaurant passes off a pulao as a biryani, the foodie in me gets mighty peeved! Being an ardent biryani fan I’m often asked how the two are different; I mean, both are just rice and meat right? WRONG! The biryani and pulao are as different as chalk and cheese, as any true foodie will tell you, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.
12/09/2016 5:19 PM IST
Is Dominos India Toppling

Is Dominos India Toppling Over?

If the recent news of HSBC's devaluation of Zomato by half and Flipkart losing bellwether status has been difficult to digest for you, Dominos India ceasing to be a unicorn is definitely going to have you reaching for the antacids. The poster boy of India's food industry and the country’s most loved pizza brand has taken a beating in its stock price, which has plummeted sharply from ₹2000 in Aug 2015 to ₹1000 in June'16, resulting in valuation of just under $1 billion, the benchmark level used to define startups as unicorns.
02/08/2016 5:14 PM IST