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Charu Chhitwal


Hi, I am Charu, founder of I am an award-winning copy writer trying to find humour in losing my sanity to my twins. Indian by birth, by marriage and by habits, I take pride in its loud, colourful, sing and dance way of living. <br> As a mother every day seems increasingly challenging, even if far more promising than yesterday. And I feel that although we are globally connected, the distances between our hearts have increased manifold. As an Indian, who grew up in a peace loving country, family and neighbourhood I am looking for ways to heal our hearts.
Shit, My Best Friend Is a

Shit, My Best Friend Is a Muslim

In these troubled times, with the attacks in Paris, Lebanon, Pathankot and beyond creating a climate of fear, I feel the collective and justified hatred towards religious terrorism. But when this hatred spills over to every human being practising Islam, I fear for my friend. And that's when I think, "Shit, my best friend is a Muslim."
08/02/2016 8:27 AM IST