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C Y Gopinath

Author, film-maker, graphic designer and cook

Author, film-maker, graphic designer, cook. Lives and writes from Bangkok. His first novel, <em>The Book of Answers</em>, a dark satire on right-wing politics published by HarperCollins, was shortlisted for the 2012 Commonwealth Book prize for Best Fiction. For a free copy of his best-selling book of globetrotting stories, Travels with the Fish, check <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. email: <a rel="nofollow"></a>.
12 Loving Ways To A Beautiful

12 Loving Ways To A Beautiful Death

I'm writing this because one day you'll call it in. You'll shuffle your mortal coils. You'll die. Why not make sure your death, like your life, is the very best it could be? Dying well means giving intelligent thought and tying up all those loose ends well before that moment comes -- and leaving this world with grace, dignity, knowing that the last chapter in your book was written by you.
01/01/2016 9:19 AM IST
Why George Harrison Was So Angry With Me In Calcutta In

Why George Harrison Was So Angry With Me In Calcutta In 1976

I looked at George Harrison. George Harrison scowled at the lift trellis door. He was dressed in a pajama and kurta, and his hair flowed long behind him. I was absolutely certain of one thing: there was going to be no scoop interview.
30/12/2015 12:04 PM IST