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Biranchi Narayan Acharya

Civil engineer, author & political analyst

I am a professional civil engineer. I have deep interest in current affairs, Society and spiritual issues. Also I like to take part on debates. I have authored a book 'Encounter with Wisdom' an a compilation of stories from personal experiences. I am very honest as a citizen and very direct on my opinion. I'm an optimistic and neutral observer. Although I am an engineer by profession but my deep passion for expressing thoughts in words has made me a regular writer, columnist on various issues in different platforms. A thinker, blogger and an activist writer.
Jungle Raj Isn't Back, But Nitish Must Tame Bihar's

Jungle Raj Isn't Back, But Nitish Must Tame Bihar's Fears

There's been a widely covered spurt of crime in Bihar, with the BJP demanding the intervention of the governor following the shooting death of a jeweller on 16 January. However, the crime data doesn't back the BJP's accusations that Jungle Raj is back. The term "Jungle Raj" also implies a system in which no follow-up action is taken up after a crime. That is not the case under Nitish Kumar's chief ministership.
22/01/2016 8:23 AM IST
Lies, Damned Lies, And Rahul

Lies, Damned Lies, And Rahul Gandhi

The Congress is India's oldest party and has known some great leaders in the past. Unfortunately, Rahul Gandhi seems intent on destroying whatever is left of the party's image with his increasingly low level of politics, including blatant lies to show the BJP and Narendra Modi in a poor light. Sadly for him, his most recent attempts at spreading falsehood were exposed almost immediately.
13/01/2016 3:47 PM IST
Why The New Juvenile Justice Law Is An Insult To

Why The New Juvenile Justice Law Is An Insult To Nirbhaya

The present amendment has reduced the age of juvenile offenders to be tried as adults from 18 to 16. But there are 15-year-old teens who are accused of rape. There are 14-year-old murderers. In my opinion, criminality is a far more important criterion than age. Thus, the amendment should be in terms of non-applicability of the juvenility condition in the case of crimes like rape, murder, war against country etc. That's why legislative business should never be done in haste.
11/01/2016 3:11 PM IST