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Bidisha Satpathy

Corporate lawyer

Bidisha Satpathy, LL.M., is a full time corporate lawyer in Mumbai, a freelance content writer and a wannabe ambidextrous ( <em>person?</em>). She is an avid reader of fiction from the sub-continent, especially Afgan-Pak works as well as English translation of south Indian fiction. <br> Her normative years were spent in Hyderabad & Secundrabad, Ahmedabad, Calcutta & Kolkata, rural Maharashtra, Behrampur, Delhi, etc. Currently located in Mumbai, she is not to be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, ... <br> <br> Some of her previous exploits include - Working with the Legal Bureau of Hindustan Times Media, interning under Retd. Supreme Court Justice A.K. Ganguly, practising at the Bombay High Court, training with a trademarks firm in Pretoria, South Africa, ICICI Lombard, etc. <br> Being increasingly disenchanted with the murky legal field, she is contemplating a career switch soon.
Rant Of An

Rant Of An Odia

Some people look so bewildered when I tell them that I originally belong to Cuttack that I genuinely feel sorry for them. They ask, "Accha, woh kaha padta hai (Where is that)?” Some others react as if I said Winterfell, and yet others, fearing my wrath, retort behind my back, "Bengal's poor cousin!" So, yes, suffice it to say that I have serious reservations about the literacy rate projected in the 2011 Census.
01/08/2016 6:47 PM IST
Why I ‘Boycott' My Married

Why I ‘Boycott' My Married Friends

A major cause of worry for me these days is the rapidly dwindling percentage of unmarried people among my galaxy of acquaintances. When invited to the engagement, wedding or baby shower of an erstwhile friend, we, the miserable minority of bachelors and spinsters, survive the ordeal with weak smiles and high-octane mental bashing. I say <em>erstwhile</em> friend because we partially boycott those who get hitched.
18/05/2016 7:59 AM IST
Will I Die A Contented

Will I Die A Contented Woman?

It's Women's Day. Around the premises, I see women wishing each other happiness and strength. Feeling my eyes moisten, I leave my desk to withdraw to my Fortress of Solitude--the washroom. Locking myself in the corner-most cubicle, I pull down the seat cover. I feel warm tears rolling down my face as I sit. Before I can make sense of the deluge, the events of the previous evening inundate my head.
25/04/2016 8:20 AM IST