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Bharat Sethi

Founder & CEO, PosterGully

Bharat Sethi is a start-up enthusiast with a lot of interest in building marketplaces, e-commerce, and retail design. He started selling art on Ebay at age 16 while still in school. He founded PosterGully in early 2012 as a side project to continue with his interest in solving the monetisation problem for artists & designers. Since then, he’s played an integral part in building a cult brand within its target audience, getting over 6 million users to the unique marketplace and raising capital from marquee angel investors. You can reach out to him at
Dear Indian VCs, Your Herd Mentality Is Killing

Dear Indian VCs, Your Herd Mentality Is Killing Innovation

There are a very few investors actually vying to be first to discover hot new tech startups or create new markets. Instead, they're always trying to find an American/Chinese replica or blindly follow the investment decisions of other firms.
20/04/2016 8:17 AM IST