Bhanu Narasimhan

Director of women welfare and child care programs, The Art of Living

Bhanumathi Narasimhan is the sister of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, humanitarian leader and ambassador of peace, and shares his vision for a stress-free violence-free world. Bhanumathi is the Director of Women welfare and child care programs of the The Art of Living, a not-for-profit, educational and humanitarian NGO engaged in bringing stress relief and service initiatives in 152 countries. She has deep roots in spirituality and a broad vision for service to humanity. For over three decades she has been committed to bringing a positive social transformation with a focus on education, environment and women empowerment. Enabling people to handle their negative emotions and stress with meditation and breathing techniques, she has helped them regain their self confidence and come to the forefront to take responsibility for a harmonious society through service.
The Teachers All Around

The Teachers All Around Us

"Shiksha" or learning begins when the child approaches the teacher with respect and reverence. A gardener puts a small fence around the sapling and provides all nourishment within that space; in time the small plant grows into a big tree. Similarly, the teacher develops and nurtures the child's mind in a protected environment.
05/09/2015 8:33 AM IST
Why We Should Give Our Children The Lifelong Gift Of

Why We Should Give Our Children The Lifelong Gift Of Yoga

Sri Sri says, "If you look at a child, there is unconditional love in his eyes. Every baby has this quality, but minus the wisdom. As you grow older, keep the quality of innocence in you and nurture the depth of wisdom along with it." This is what our education system must strive to do and it can be achieved through yoga and meditation.
20/06/2015 6:39 PM IST