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Bhanu Dhamija

Founder 'Divya Himachal' newspaper, author 'Why India Needs the Presidential System'

Bhanu Dhamija is the founder and chairman of the Divya Himachal Group, the largest newspaper publishing company in Himachal Pradesh, India. Earlier, in America, Dhamija founded a media company that published trade journals and organized conferences for the magazine publishing industry. <br> <br> Bhanu Dhamija is also the author of <em>Why India Needs the Presidential System</em> (HarperCollins) <br> <br> Born in Bulandshehar (UP) in 1959, he has lived almost half his life in the United States. After attending Punjab University in Chandigarh, he acquired a postgraduate degree from the Stern School of Business at New York University. He has worked in the financial, computer and media industries in the US and India. While in the US, Dhamija married an American and soon after they moved with their three children to Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh.
Why We Need To Pay Attention To Tharoor's Push for Presidential-Type City

Why We Need To Pay Attention To Tharoor's Push for Presidential-Type City Governments

India's cities are a mess because local governments are totally inept and unaccountable. The 74th Amendment's attempt more than 20 years ago to establish urban local bodies as institutions of self-government has failed. But now there is hope. This month, without fanfare, Shashi Tharoor introduced a Bill in Parliament to fix these ailments. It goes right to the heart of the matter.
15/08/2016 12:12 PM IST
India’s ‘Strong Centre’ Is The Reason For Most State Conflicts, Including

India’s ‘Strong Centre’ Is The Reason For Most State Conflicts, Including Kashmir

The re-emergence of violence in Kashmir shows once again the frailties of the Indian union. The truth is that forcing diverse people into a union, in the guise of “unity in diversity”, doesn't work. What would work is to give them freedom of self-rule with an ironclad agreement -- Nehru's "binding cement" -- of a strong federal government.
24/07/2016 7:33 PM IST
Why India's Bureaucracy Cannot Be A

Why India's Bureaucracy Cannot Be A Meritocracy

Raghuram Rajan's exit from the RBI demonstrates the rot in India's bureaucracy. Far from being merit-based, it is seriously politicized. Bureaucrats have become sycophants. Self-respecting independent thinkers have no place in India's system. Even the most capable survive or thrive only through their handling of political masters. The quality of their work stands for very little. It is no fault of the bureaucrats. The problem is systemic. It starts from the top.
24/06/2016 8:30 AM IST
Indians Want And Deserve A True Federation, Not A Pseudo

Indians Want And Deserve A True Federation, Not A Pseudo One

The recent state elections have proven once again that the Indian people want a true federation. Above all other factors, people voted for local accountability. These results don't mean a rejection of a strong Centre, or a vote for or against Modi, or a lack of nationalistic feeling. They show people's natural desire to control their own affairs.
31/05/2016 8:17 AM IST
Ambedkar's 'United States of

Ambedkar's 'United States of India'

Hidden in the annals of India's Constituent Assembly is Ambedkar's real vision for India's Constitution. He labelled it 'United States of India' and the proposal was in line with his longstanding opposition to the parliamentary form of government. Had they been adopted, Ambedkar's ideas would have altered the character of the final Constitution, and changed India's destiny.
15/04/2016 8:19 AM IST
Why Lawmaking In India Is So

Why Lawmaking In India Is So Subpar

Lawmaking in India is an entirely partisan exercise. The government, with a majority already in hand, pushes through the laws it wants. Since only the government can pass laws--those brought by private members have no chance--no other Member of Parliament takes the initiative. Party bosses in power decide which laws will be proposed, and those in the opposition decide which will be opposed. The legislators merely vote as instructed by their bosses. No one has any interest in the quality of laws.
04/04/2016 8:22 AM IST
No, America's Presidential System Is Not

No, America's Presidential System Is Not Doomed

Lately, the detractors of the American system have been out in full force. Last month, as soon as the Republicans took a stand on the Supreme Court appointment, a leading liberal magazine published an article titled 'Is America's Presidential System Doomed?' However, I believe that far from being doomed, America's presidential form of government is the secret to her success.
31/03/2016 8:26 AM IST