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Bestin Samuel

Researcher, World Vision India

Bestin Samuel works with World Vision India, a Chennai-based NGO that works for children. He writes on development issues.
The Children Of The Chilli

The Children Of The Chilli Fields

"Do any of you go to work?" we ask the children. The question makes the smiles vanish from their faces in an instant. Murmurs of "no" and immediate head-shaking goes around the dingy classroom in Kondamudusupallam Ambedkar Nagar village, in rural Andhra Pradesh. There's a quick exchange of glances among the boys and girls, and, as if on cue, they all hang their heads in silence. But 13-year-old Meghna looks at us, and giggles.
13/06/2016 4:38 PM IST
Palukur: The Daily Despair Of

Palukur: The Daily Despair Of Drought

As my jeep tumbles along the incredibly bumpy mud road to Palukur village in Kandukur, Andhra Pradesh, I am surprised to see that the villages look quite normal. In my head, drought-affected villages looked like deserts. Palukur itself features dusty, scattered vegetation, cows and buffaloes roaming around, and a clutter of small, clean houses. The villages in Prakasam district--the worst affected in the state--bear more internal wounds than external.
28/04/2016 8:11 AM IST