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Benita Sumita

Doctoral researcher on international norms and human rights

Benita Sumita is a doctoral researcher in peace studies focused on IDPs and international peace and conflict norms at the University of Bradford, UK. She has also worked with UNDP in India.
Syria's Humanitarian Crisis Has Only Just

Syria's Humanitarian Crisis Has Only Just Begun

The washed up lifeless body of a 3-year old Syrian boy has become etched in human history and memory as the symbol of one of the worst tragedies since the Second World War -- the mass flight of Syrians escaping war and violence, only to meet an avoidable death. The war in Syria has repeatedly been called a crisis, which it is: a crisis of international law, a crisis of the international community, and most of all a crisis of humanity. It is a tragedy and a despicable failure of the human race.
11/09/2015 8:13 AM IST