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Azra Fathima

Founder, Azpertise

Azra has been a consummate marketing professional for the last 23 years. She has led strategic and global marketing in multi-national companies across technology and related industries.

Azra’s last stint was at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, where she was Head of Marketing and Communications for India.

Now she is focusing all her efforts in building her own venture – Azpertise. Azpertise, which stands for ‘Azra’s Expertise’ will be a very unique offering in the content space and the initiative hopes to be unveiled in May 2016 in a Beta launch.

Azra loves to write and you can catch some of her blogs at She is also an avid follower of tennis and soccer. Movies, books, cars and travelling are the other passions.

She has post graduate M S degree in Mass Communication from Bangalore University.
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