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India’s first podcast network

Audiomatic is a platform for high-quality podcasts, the first of its kind in India. As narrative audio content consumption grows the world over, Audiomatic is attempting to create audio that appeals to digital consumers with a line-up of talent featuring the most credible experts.

India loves stories. And Audiomatic is reviving the art of storytelling through its podcasts by choosing the most fascinating audio stories and featuring the best story-tellers to tell them. Starting with a line-up on science, current affairs, humour and food, Audiomatic plans to cover a wide variety of topics and offer something for every curious mind.

Our shows

• ‘Ask Aakar Anything’ is a weekly podcast in which columnist Aakar Patel answers questions primarily on current affairs but does not hesitate to share his views on just about everything under the sun including his favourite Bollywood actress and his preferred tipple.

• ‘The Intersection’ is a fortnightly feature, offers stories on science, culture and history by Padmaparna Ghosh and Samanth Subramanian presented in a riveting fashion, going behind the scenes and talking to experts, researchers and ordinary folk with extraordinary experiences.

• ‘Our Last Week’ is a fortnightly humour podcast that brings together faux neuro-scientest Anuvab Pal and world-renowned quasi-philosopher Kunaal Roy Kapur, who magnify their unique human life theories for your entertainment.

• ‘The Real Food Podcast’, a fortnightly show, features renowned food writer Vikram Doctor and his sincere love for an incredible in-depth knowledge of food, that travels through ancestral kitchens, gourmet restaurants, exotic vegetable farms, modern agriculturists and heirloom aficionados.
Podcast: Pao-er To The

Podcast: Pao-er To The People

"Fifth Avenue is laid in gold, every mansion a citadel of money and power. Yet here you stand, a giant, starved and fettered
28/11/2016 5:08 PM IST