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Ati Ranjan Kumar

Head of Investment Research & Analytics Services at Aranca

Ati Ranjan heads Aranca’s Investment Research & Analytics Services practice. He has 12 years of rich experience in in designing and implementing client solutions across investment research requirements. He has extensive experience in guiding and managing teams involved in investment banking research & analytics, equity research for both sell side and buy side clients and market study & opportunity assessment assignments.

Ati is an avid runner and participates in marathons. He is an MBA in Finance and a graduate in Economics.
Slow And Steady: Why The Indian Market Is Doing Better Than We

Slow And Steady: Why The Indian Market Is Doing Better Than We Think

After all the euphoria gripping the Indian market in the months just after the new government came to power, the reality at present is more sobering. Nevertheless, all is not lost and if we look beyond parliamentary affairs and the reforms hoopla, there are signs of improvement. Any rise is not linear and short-term concerns usually dwarf the big picture, especially the slow changes that often go unnoticed. Let us try to take a stock of the situation and examine the road ahead.
07/09/2015 8:15 AM IST