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Ashish Nigam

Research Engineer at the Center for Study of Science, Technology & Policy, Bangalore.

Ashish Nigam is a Research Engineer involved in the assessment studies for offshore wind energy projects at CSTEP. He holds a Master’s degree in Energy & Environment from Lancaster University, UK and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from FLAME, Pune. His professional experience includes being a consultant for corporate sustainability.
A Solution For India's Ailing Groundwater Barcroft Media via Getty Images

A Solution For India's Ailing Groundwater Governance

There is a need to advance a national water framework that presents a roadmap for the Centre, state and local governing bodies to work collectively, similar to the Water Framework Directive (WFD) of the European Union (2000). The overarching directives commit European Union member states to achieve a certain high qualitative and quantitative status of all water bodies by 2015. To safeguard this idea from rejection, the Union should ensure that it proposes this 'framework law' in a way that doesn't appear to strengthen its control over states.
09/07/2015 8:25 AM IST