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Arvind Passey began his professional life marching up and down the drill square of the Indian Military Academy as a gentleman cadet and ended his job-era playing hide-&-seek with media teams as the head of Corporate Communications. <br> <br> He also writes poetry... has written more than 1800 poems... a few of them published in journals in India & UK but the rest still in notebooks, loose sheets, penned on napkins, and in computer files. <br> <br> He is now trying to find the writer in him through blogging and writing a weekly column for The Education Post. He has also won the 2011 Best Book Reviewer Award, has been the Samsung Brand Ambassador for their mobile division... and has recently been a part of the NDTV-Volvo XC60 Adventure Challenge too. <br> <br> However, of all the challenges in life, he loves the challenge of walking barefoot on a floor full of words and picking the ones he wants for his essays and articles. He dreams of travelling to every country in the world and of finally completing his first novel.
Why Girls Are OK, But Women Are

Why Girls Are OK, But Women Are Not

It is easy enough to start calling a fireman a fire-fighter and a policeman a police officer but when I referred to the dictionary, I found that there is a long list of words just waiting to be stripped of “man” as a prefix or a suffix. However, what bothered me most was the word woman.
18/08/2016 8:17 PM IST
When The Mantra ‘Yes I Can’ Turns

When The Mantra ‘Yes I Can’ Turns Bad

A babu favours a company that offers bribes because he thinks he can. A politician threatens, bribes, or convinces the authorities to make teachers give up their jeans because he thinks he can. A TV anchor shouts down every voice of sanity because he thinks he can. A manager in an office fudges sales figures, assuming that the loss could be compensated in the coming month and murmurs, “Yes, I can.”
16/07/2016 5:34 PM IST
Why CSR Is As Vital To A Company As Sales Or

Why CSR Is As Vital To A Company As Sales Or Marketing

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) cannot be dismissed as a mere farce. It needs to be deployed in action and also be eligible for the same bravery awards as sales or brand-building, so to say. This part of the organizational strategic plan is not about charity alone... in fact, there is no charity anywhere.
29/05/2016 12:59 AM IST
Notions Of Nation: A Toxic

Notions Of Nation: A Toxic Potion

Try and update your Facebook timeline or tweet about what you think freedom of speech should be and in no time there will appear friends and strangers telling you that you have no notion of such complex terms. <em>Freedom of speech. Sedition. Pro-India. Anti-India. Rights and duties. Terrorism. Nationalism. Anarchy.</em> These are just a few of the keywords that can jangle the nerves of the strongest man these days. We forget, however, that most of us have mere notions of what they mean...
26/02/2016 2:12 PM IST
How Stories Happen And What They Do To

How Stories Happen And What They Do To You

I tried rubbing the edge of my study table, whispering, "Appear, my lovely story. Appear!" It didn't. I tried this with the walls in my home, with trees in the park, and once even slyly tried rubbing the end of the shawl of a woman I didn't know at all. Nothing happened. No story appeared like a genie to enter my being and emerge as words tumbling into sentences and forming plots and intricate dialogues.
17/02/2016 8:20 AM IST
Why The Nation Needs To Go

Why The Nation Needs To Go Hybrid

Petrol and diesel vehicles say namaskar to CNG, capsules encourage different molecules in their womb, finance ministers use poetry to put forth a fiscal point, allopathy, homoeopathy, and ayurveda attend the same party... the world has one massive hybrid existence. Look at clothes and their cross-gender borrowings, watch the acceptance of Hinglish by publishers, or applaud bloggers using prose, poetry, and even hand-drawn illustrations to communicate.
09/09/2015 8:15 AM IST
The Many Fs in

The Many Fs in Facebook

Yes, there are faces for sure. Selfies, candids, black-and-white, sepia-tinted, mood-lit, rural, urban, metro, filmy, telling friends and strangers everything you want them to know about yourself. Pictures, in short, are the face that is in Facebook. The oohs and aahs trailing each of these pictures are enough to make me think that the network is FussBook as much as it is Facebook. But <em>Facebook</em> isn't just about faces. Let's see what else this F in FB is or can be.
21/08/2015 8:09 AM IST
Book Review: Vir Sanghvi's ‘Mandate' Gets My

Book Review: Vir Sanghvi's ‘Mandate' Gets My Vote

When I first held <em>Mandate: Will of the People</em> by Vir Sanghvi in my hands, I muttered, "Can political truth really fit into this slim volume?" Moreover, a foreword written by Amish Tripathi, a writer of bestselling thrillers that merge fantasy and mythology, seemed odd -- my first thought was, "Has Sanghvi resorted to marketing gimmickry or will the book stand on its own feet?"
12/05/2015 4:17 AM IST
The Presstitutes And The

The Presstitutes And The Poltitutes

A few of them will regale you with stories for a fee and give you what you desire to see, hear or read. Others just want to accompany you on sensual trips of exploration all over the world. They have the power to reduce every upheaval or turmoil to exclamations, sighs and groans. "Read between the lines," they say and you do that with pleasure.
11/04/2015 8:11 AM IST
Missing Rahul Gandhi And That Roar In

Missing Rahul Gandhi And That Roar In Parliament

The ruling party is missing that roar in Parliament, Rahul Baba... return home fast. The old and the young even in your party are seemingly directionless and have started flocking with a motley group of parliamentarians of whom you may or may not have approved.
23/03/2015 8:03 AM IST
4 Most Interesting Legends Behind

4 Most Interesting Legends Behind Holi

Ask anyone from India about Holi and the answer will be, "Colours." Other elements of the festival will be mentioned only after colours have been extolled in enthusiastic and orgasmic tones. Of course there is more to Holi. There are legends connected to it that go right into the heart of Kamadev or into the games between Lord Krishna and Radha or the emotionally charged story of Holika and Prahlada. The festival even has links to the ogress Dhundi.
06/03/2015 8:11 AM IST
Holi Goes Way Beyond The Legends Linked To

Holi Goes Way Beyond The Legends Linked To It

Yes, Holi isn't just about colours. It is all about colourful interactions with emotions. It is all about letting reservations and inhibitions rest for a while and allow the rowdy inner self to lead the moment.
05/03/2015 2:19 PM IST
Don't Flog The

Don't Flog The Microblogger

The easiest thing to do on social media and even the offline world is to flog the microblogger. It is so easy to say, "These 140 character creators are good for nothing dolts." People who tweet know that there can be more truth in their precision than a 1000-word op-ed in a prestigious daily. The world of Twitter is where the first trends get confirmed. Entire stories are or can be shaped out of a tweet that is laden with significance.
02/03/2015 8:02 AM IST
For Pachauri And Others, Imagination Is Dangerous and

For Pachauri And Others, Imagination Is Dangerous and Combustible

Why on earth did Dr Pachauri want his imagination to pole dance in the virtual world of emails, SMSes, and WhatsApp and add bits to this form of global warming in the world of news? I know scientists and writers have maverick genes giggling in their chromosomal structure and Dr Pachauri is both... and I have a feeling that he knew how dangerous and combustible a leader's imagination can sometimes be.
27/02/2015 8:08 AM IST