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Arup K Chatterjee

Author/ Retd. Aspiring Social Reformer

Arup K Chatterjee has a PhD in English from the Center for English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University; his doctoral dissertation was on 'Hillmaking: Architecture and Literature from the Doon Valley.' He has taught English, as Assistant Professor, at colleges in the University of Delhi. In 2014-15 he was the recipient of Charles Wallace fellowship to the United Kingdom. He is the founding-chief-editor of Coldnoon: Travel Poetics (International Journal of Travel Writing). Currently he works at a Big Four Audit & Consulting Firm. His book on the Indian Railways is forthcoming from Bloomsbury.
How Liberating Really Is London’s First Naked Restaurant, The Jan Stanishek

How Liberating Really Is London’s First Naked Restaurant, The Bunyadi?

Selling The Bunyadi is of course selling liberation, according to Sebastian Lyall, the founder of Lollipop (which is the creative collective that started the restaurant). The concept is undoubtedly upmarket too: “Think luxury spa—candlelight, bamboo everywhere, fluffy white robes, and cocktails named after the elements...,” reads the blurb on the Bunyadi website. One is reminded of Slavoj Žižek’s notion that lavatories are not merely essential, but ideologically weighed and designed places -- well, then so can be restaurants, and especially one like The Bunyadi!
04/08/2016 10:58 AM IST